Incorrectly regarded as goofs: The Bonnie Situation scenes in the restaurant and the apartment play out differently from their earlier interactions in the film, to show different people's perspective of the same events.

Continuity: The sugar bowl on the table in the diner.

Crew or equipment visible: When Jules and Vincent are riding in the car, it is possible to see the reflection of their car in the background, being towed on a trailer.

Continuity: The amount of Brett's burger that has been eaten as Jules picks it up.

Continuity: The position of Honey Bunny's hands (after she asks "What then, day jobs?") changes when camera switches from front to side shot.

Continuity: In the Big Kahuna burger scene, the paper cup (with Sprite) changes its position, judging by its label.

Crew or equipment visible: When Vincent walks into Mia's home, the crew is reflected in the window.

Continuity: When Butch and Fabienne are arguing about the forgotten watch, the coat hangers in the background cast different shadows in different shots.